Manicure Aftercare Advice

Why is it important to give aftercare advice

  • First of all, this will help the client to preserve the beauty of his nails longer.
  • Аnd second, it will show the client your professionalism.


What not to do after a manicure.


Manicure Aftercare Advice 1

1. Avoid Sauna or Swimming Pool

Try to avoid visiting (for the 24-48 hours) sauna or swimming pool, do not do paraffin therapy (avoid any sudden temperature changes). After the treatment, the natural nail adapts to the coating (nail polish, Shellac), in other words, “shrinkage” of the material. Therefore, it is advisable to do water related work (washing dishes, floors, etc.) with rubber gloves and if possible later.

2. Use hand cream regularly

Keep hand cream at the kitchen and bathroom sink to remind yourself to apply after washing.

Frequent use of hand cream, will keep skin and cuticles moisturised.

Massage the hands and cuticles each evening with a rich hand cream just before going to bed.

Manicure Aftercare Advice 2 3. Wear protective gloves when gardening, or doing housework

Try to avoid contact with chemicals for home cleaning or garden work. Your nails may break or the varnish may start chipping.

Manicure Aftercare Advice 2

4. Do not use your fingernails as tools, use pads of fingers instead

Use the proper tools to make sure that your nails don’t get damaged

5. Never use metal files

Do not use metal nail files in general, it destroys the structure of the nail. And try not to file the nails after the manicure, because the manicure specialist applied a layer of varnish to the tips of the nails to keep the varnish as long as possible. By filing this layer, the nail polish is likely to start to crack.

Manicure Aftercare Advice 4

Beautiful and well-groomed nails always make us more attractive, and in order for them to last as long as possible we must not forget the simplest rules. After you have finished your manicure, talk to the client and remind the client how to take good care of the manicure so that the gel nails last as long as possible.

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