15 Reasons Gel Nails Chip or Peel too Soon

Why do gel nails peel off?

Often there is a problem when a client complains that the gel on the nails did not last even a few days. There may be several reasons for this.

In addition to poor quality materials, these may be mistakes in the build-up of nails made by a nail technician, the client’s health condition or improper care for nails.

Also, it is important to know that some health conditions and/or diseases of the client’s body (digestive, endocrine, etc. systems) may cause the gel nails to peel very quickly.

15 Reasons Gel Nails Chip or Peel too Soon

Let’s look at 3 aspects that may affect it:

  • Nail technician’s mistakes
  • Customer’s health
  • Improper customer care for gel nails

15 Reasons Gel Nails Chip or Peel too Soon 1 Nail technicia /manicurist’s mistake

  1. Improper preparation of a natural nail
  2. Тoo thick, or very thin layer of gel material
  3. Gel getting on the cuticle. In this case, in 9 out of 10 cases there is a separation of the gel from the nail
  4. Use of materials from different manufacturers. Sometimes there is an incompatibility of different materials, and as a result – their separation from each other.
  5. Peeling at the tip of the nail – usually means that the gel did not get to the sides of the nail. The gel should be carefully applied to all sides

Product quality, has a very important role. When choosing products of material to work with, choose only verified quality brands. If several customers in a row have complained that the gel has peeled off too quickly, you should pay close attention to the quality of the brand.

15 Reasons Gel Nails Chip or Peel too Soon 1 The reason for the fast peeling of the gel on the nails may be the poor health of the customer.

Below we present the most common causes. You can also read the article on contraindications to manicure, or go to the full list of all possible contraindications popular and rare for manicure.

  1. Hands with high humidity (moisture) are very often just a characteristic of the body.
  2. Bacterial, fungal diseases, lesions of the nails and skin around.
  3. Bruises under the nails
  4. Allergic reaction to products.
  5. Biting nails, if the client suffers from this habit, even painted nails may be bitten.
  6. Pregnancy – There are many changes in the body during pregnancy, which very often affect the nail plate. In other words, the nails begin to flake off strongly. This does not necessarily happen, everything is very individual, but the probability is high.
  7. Diabetes – organisms produce a large number of antibodies, and in principle the body’s work is set up differently, with foreign material being rejected from the nail plate.

15 Reasons Gel Nails Chip or Peel too Soon 1 Improper customer care for gel nails

The final topic will be the client’s mistakes in gel nails care. Here you should not forget that we are all different, with our rhythm of life and home care. Someone spends a lot of time at home in the kitchen, preparing lunch, tidying up the garden, working with the ground and being in constant contact with water. And someone hardly touches the water during the day. Or wearing rubber gloves for several hours in a row, like laboratory or medical workers. This means that everyone’s gel nails will hold on differently. There are several common mistakes that are worth remembering.

  1. It is advisable not to visit saunas, baths and pools for the first 1-2 days after your manicure.
  2. Use scissors or clippers for nails, to shorten the length of nails after manicure.
  3. Use of fingernails as a “work tool”. Open plugs, forge something, pick etc.

Beautiful and well-groomed nails always make us more attractive, and in order for them to last as long as possible we must not forget the simplest rules. After you have finished your manicure, talk to the client and remind the client how to take good care of the manicure so that the gel nails last as long as possible.

In the conclusion

And at the end, I would like to add that if a customer complained to you that their nails had peeled off a few days after the treatment. You should discuss together what might have affected this. Don’t be in a hurry to accuse the client of improper care, is it possible that the cause was some kind of health contraindication? It is best to offer the client a voucher or a refund. While maintaining the client’s trust in your service. This is better than getting a bad review on the internet, then you will lose much more than the profit you have earned from this treatment.

Always stay on the side of professionalism.

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