Common Contraindications for Manicure

Contra-indications that prevent a manicure treatment:

Before performing manicure it is important to ensure the health of the client’s nails.

By what criteria to determine this?
The most important are:

  • No redness and inflammation 
  • No painful physical deformities
  • No overgrown corners
  • Lack of fungal and other infectious diseases with changes in color and texture of the plates
  • No allergic reactions or rashes on the skin of the hands

Manicure is a complex procedure, consisting of therapeutic and health effects, cosmetic care and decoration.

Common Contraindications for Manicure 1

Manicure is performed only on healthy nails. If there are the slightest signs of anomalies or diseases, it is better to send the client to the doctor. An exception is the medical manicure, designed to correct some painful conditions.

Common Contraindications for Manicure 2Nails can be seen as a mirror of human health. Even with a cursory examination, they can tell a lot. How to distinguish the initial symptoms of diseases from safe cosmetic defects? Let us consider the most common problems.

Contraindications for Manicure

You will find a full list of all rare and popular contraindications in our contraindications section from A to Z. You can search both alphabetically and by image, using the search for any beauty salon procedure from manicure to massage.

What healthy nails should look like?

Healthy nails have smooth texture, pink color and natural shine. With age, they thicken and can become more fragile. The same is typical for pregnant women.

The nails beauty depends on

Various factors affect the condition of the nail plate: lack of vitamins in the body, diseases of internal organs and aggressive external environment. With their consequences – microcracks, bumps and grooves, unhealthy color – and have to fight manicure masters. Working with clients, a master can face different conditions and diseases.

In the conclusion

Important! Whatever you do, do not compromise on safety and precaution, unless a letter from a doctor has been provided.

 It is in both in the Therapist’s and the client’s best interest to make sure that the medical questionnaire is answered honestly and is kept up-to-date. Be constructive and informative, professional and compassionate. Clients will appreciate your decision. After all, you are the professional and the expert. Explain that its for their own safety.

We also provided more information about every condition: names, signs, symptoms and a simple description.

I am sure you will find Salon Compass to be a great help and companion to various conditions that may come up during consultation.

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