What are contraindications in beauty therapy?

What does contraindication mean? Contraindication is a specific situation in which the treatment should not be carried out due to harm and danger to a person’s health.

  • A contraindication is a medical condition that could make it inadvisable for a beauty treatment to be carried out.
  • Contraindications are something that may stop or restrict a service from being performed either before or after starting the service.
  • This could either be due to conditions that could put your client at risk as well as illnesses that could be contagious and potentially affect you and your place of work.

Why do you have to learn the contraindications of the client?

It’s important to check any client for any contra indications prior to the treatment they are having as a contra indication is a reason that the treatment is not suitable for them and means that you cant carry out that treatment.

Checking for contra indications prior to the treatment can easily prevent any further harm to the client or yourself, and prevent the possibility of a claim being made against you.

Contraindication Example

Check list of the most common Contraindications, Conditions that may prevent, restrict Spa and Beauty Services.