Unique Selling Proposition, for a beauty salon: how to help the client choose you?

Today there are many beauty salons, nail studios, barbershops, and cosmetology clinics offering identical services in every district of the city. The competition caused by the “overheated” sphere of beauty services makes us look for special ways to approach clients.

To differentiate yourself from your competitors, it is necessary, but not sufficient, to provide quality service or the most modern design in the salon. You need to learn how to explain to customers how your products and services are unique and different from the neighboring salon.

If you don’t know how to make yourself known correctly, customers will choose competitors who will be able to do so. That is why it is so important to pay special attention to marketing. Competently developed marketing strategy covers many aspects, including the USP – a unique selling proposition.

In this article we will consider in detail what is the USP, what benefits it gives the beauty salon, how to develop it correctly and what mistakes to avoid when drawing up.

Unique Selling Proposition, for a beauty salon: how to help the client choose you? 1

What is a unique selling proposition for a beauty salon?

The term USP (unique selling proposition) was first coined in 1961 by American marketer Rosser Reeves. It is actively used even now, when the number of brands in the world has exceeded 20 billion. USP helps to find your target audience, influence it and sell products and services.

The unique selling proposition of a beauty salon is what sets you apart from the competition. Something special that other salons can’t, or don’t offer.

When a client sees your USP, it answers their question “why should I buy this?” Which means they can form an opinion for themselves about the value your brand will give them.

For example, it may be an attractive exterior and interior salon, saving money and time, night service, new techniques for self-care, the presence in the salon nursery and so on.

Unique selling proposition, Positioning, Offer – the same thing?

USP beauty salon should not be confused with the offer or the positioning of the beauty salon. Let’s see how they differ:

An offer is an offer that aims to sell quickly. Its difference from an USP is that it can change depending on the season, trends in the industry, type of products, and so on. For example, discounts on cosmetic procedures until the end of summer, hair coloring with a fashionable technique at a discount, manicure with a New Year’s pattern. Salon can have a lot of offers, they will be constantly changing, and this is a normal part of brand development.

Positioning is a more global concept. It aims to create a positive image of your salon, but it cannot make the target audience decide to buy here and now. Positioning is your place in the market, your mission.

Unique selling proposition – is precisely and capaciously formulated benefits, which should be properly delivered to the client. Let’s analyze the differences on the examples of one and the same salon:

Positioning: Eco-friendly salon.
Offer: Order a bio-curl until the end of March and get a 30% discount.
USP: We work only with hypoallergenic bio-products for the most sensitive clients.

Unique Selling Proposition, for a beauty salon: how to help the client choose you? 2 What is the right way to deliver a unique selling proposition to your customers?

In short, a USP is a message. You can communicate it to potential customers in many different ways.

Here you can use any channel of information, online and offline:

business cards,
salon website,
social networks,
communication with the client in the salon,
advertising on banners or on TV,
mailings in SMS-messages.

Automated newsletters in messages are the most effective way to deliver information, because clients spend almost all day with their phone in their hands. So the chance of not seeing a reminder is minuscule. However, customers are in contact with you in different ways, so it is recommended to use all possible channels and bring your own marketing message to each customer.

Now, let’s move on to the reasons why the USP is so important for the beauty business and what it gives.

Unique Selling Proposition, for a beauty salon: how to help the client choose you? 2 What are the benefits of a beauty salon USP?

Let's analyze the main benefits for the beauty salon when the unique selling proposition is properly developed.

Proper USP of a beauty salon:

Attracts new clients.

The opportunity to try something exclusive, which is not in other salons, always intrigues.
Increases the confidence of your regular visitors.

Seeing that you’re working to improve your image and service, they retain their loyalty because they understand that their satisfaction is taken care of here.

Increases your visibility in the service industry.

When a beauty salon’s USP is written correctly, it is not difficult for it to stand out from the competition and therefore be remembered by its target audience.

Promotes your product or service.

This works if you have chosen a particular specialization. For example, complex coloring or bridal makeup, styling hair in 20 minutes or something else.

Let’s take a look at what a USP for a beauty salon can be and practical examples.

Unique Selling Proposition, for a beauty salon: how to help the client choose you? 2 What can be unique selling proposition of a beauty salon?

Unique selling proposition can be based on different aspects of the salon, which demonstrate the benefits for the client.

The basis for the USP then must be something unique, for example:

Hours of operation. Maybe you work around the clock or open very early? Make it the basis of your unique selling proposition, and then in the morning you will have businesswomen coming to you to get ready for a business meeting, and in the late evening – clients rushing to an important event.

Features of your target audience. Who brings your salon the most revenue? Older ladies or young girls? Mature men or teenagers? Think of what you can attract them: a cup of coffee and cookies, free Wi-Fi, a sports channel on TV, or maybe a children’s room, where the kids are taken care of while moms are grooming themselves?

Technology and materials. Are you using expensive hair formulas or the latest laser for hair removal? Tell us about it in your unique selling proposition! Maybe you have inexpensive, but high-quality formulas? On this, too, can build a unique selling proposition beauty salon.

Guaranteed results. Are you sure that after a course of massage your clients will lose at least a centimeter in volume? Let them know it! Promise a refund if the coloring result is not what the client expected. Guarantee manicure durability for 3-4 weeks. Of course, you must be confident in the quality of your masters.

Bonuses and incentives. This can be a nice little gifts to customers whose check will be above a certain amount, phyto cocktails after treatment, a discount on every fifth procedure and more depending on your imagination.

Let’s look at examples of the unique selling proposition beauty salons.

Example 1. The salon, aimed at affluent clients, offers them a free cab home if the check for services exceeds a certain amount.

“Free cab for favorite customers with a check amount of N!”

Example 2. Brides and their bridesmaids who booked hair and makeup can get a free glass of champagne to lift their spirits.

“Picked us for your special day? Treat your bridesmaids and relatives to a glass of champagne!”

Example 3. Salon clients who sign up for treatments before 10 a.m. are served a free, delicious and healthy breakfast from a nearby cafe.

“Don’t have time to eat breakfast before a busy day? Clean yourself up in our salon, and we’ll take care of a strong coffee and a healthy breakfast.”

Example 4. A salon with a beautician’s office offers a free 30-minute consultation with a specialist and a selection of beauty products.

“Tired of spending money on ineffective cosmetics? Our experienced cosmetologist will select your home care products for free!”

Example 5. The salon provides simultaneous services.

Save time for the important things – sign up at our salon for concurrent services!”

Example 6. Salon offers services with an on-site visit to the client.

“While everyone else is thinking – we’re doing! We bring quality salon service to your home or office.”

When formulating your own unique selling proposition, try to take into account your strengths and weaknesses to demonstrate your strengths in all their glory. Remember, the unique selling proposition must be catchy, meaningful to your customers and memorable.

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