How Lockdown has Affected Mental Health

How isolation and quarantine affect our mental health, family relationships and our children.

Closed borders, broken social contacts, tiredness, sleepiness, lack of motivation. However, the consequences can be serious.
“Soul, it is not the lungs”.

How Lockdown has Affected Mental Health 1

Depression Can Affect Anyone

On December 30, 2019 a message about pneumonia of unknown origin appears in media. In nine days – the first death and in less than a month – world hysteria.

First of all, the consequences were felt by people who already have mental problems. One in two depressed patients faced serious limitations in access to therapy.

And one more result of the research: the absolute majority of respondents are sure that depression can affect everyone.

Relationship Conflict During Self-isolation

The first is families who were good together and who found the advantages of quarantine: they enjoyed communication.

The second type of families are those that had problems before and these problems became more acute: ongoing conflicts, broken relationships, divorces and, unfortunately, violence. Cases of violence against children in families have increased several times. Mothers in a state of affect and irritation cannot cope with emotions and behave aggressively.

How Lockdown has Affected Mental Health 2

Negative Еffects

Most people lacked a clear daily routine. And almost half of respondents suffering from depression stated that they often spent time in bed during the day.

Self-isolation in the four walls during the lockdown will again lead to many negative consequences.

Tips: How to quickly relieve stress

1. Morning Shower

Fight the stress already under the morning shower! Taking it, get rid of negative thoughts, focusing solely on the gentle splash of water and the fragrant smell of shampoo. A few minutes of this relaxation and you will feel a wave of strength and energy.

How Lockdown has Affected Mental Health 3
How Lockdown has Affected Mental Health 4

2. Delicious food

Smartphone, TV, computer – forget about them at least for breakfast! Do not burden yourself from the morning. It is better to enjoy your meal to the fullest. And choose products that promote the production of happiness hormones in the body – for example, bananas, cheese, avocado, black chocolate.

3. Respiratory Exercises

An effective remedy for stress – breathing exercises. Close your eyes and breathe intensively: take ten deep breaths and noisy exhalations. Bottom line: the internal balance in the body is leveled, nervous tension goes away, the headache weakens, the state of mind improves.

How Lockdown has Affected Mental Health 5
How Lockdown has Affected Mental Health 6

4. Talking to yourself

Dialogue with yourself is very useful, because it helps to focus, coordinate and organize your actions, to understand the cases that do not work out. A person who talks to himself, expresses himself better and feels less alone. Do not want to talk? Keep a diary!

5. Walking barefoot

Walking without shoes is an excellent stress relief tool. It is especially effective in the morning. You can walk barefoot on the grass, pebbles, and sand, but you can also walk around the apartment. On the foot there are a lot of reflex zones and nerve endings, responsible for the work of internal organs. Foot massage helps to prevent the protective properties of the body.

How Lockdown has Affected Mental Health 7

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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