Is waxing contraindicated for mycosis fungoides?

When we have a client with the following condition: mycosis fungoides

Signs and symptoms for mycosis fungoides

  • A scaly, red rash in areas of the body that usually are not exposed to the sun
  • Patch phase: Thin, reddened, eczema -like rash
  • Plaque phase: Small raised bumps (papules) or hardened lesions on the skin, which may be reddened
MYCOSIS FUNGOIDES contraindications In beauty therapy


Mycosis fungoides is a skin disease caused by cells from your immune system collecting in the skin. These cells are called T-lymphocytes and are one type of the white cells in your blood that help fight infection. Many of these lymphocytes in your skin are abnormal and their presence causes the changes that you have noticed.

Mycosis Fungoides is the most common form of Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma. Cutaneous Lymphoma is however rare, affecting 6 per million people per year

In most people, these abnormal lymphocytes only build up in the skin. Other parts of the body are only affected in rare cases.

Is mycosis fungoides contagious?
No, "mycosis fungoides" is NOT contagious!

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