Is waxing contraindicated for housemaid’s knee?

When we have a client with the following condition: housemaid’s knee

Signs and symptoms for housemaid’s knee

  • Housemaids knee include pain and tenderness at the front of the kneecap and just below it
  • The kneecap or patella may be swollen and warm to the touch
  • Kneeling may be painful, hence the term housemaids knee
HOUSEMAID’S KNEE contraindications In beauty therapy


Transcript of Housemaid’s knee (bursitis) Housemaid’s knee is a condition that’s also known as prepatellar bursitis.

Overlying your kneecap you have a capsule called a bursa, which is like a fluid-filled sac. Sometimes that sac can become inflamed and that’s what housemaid’s knee is.

Is housemaid’s knee contagious?
No, "housemaid’s knee" is NOT contagious!

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