Is waxing contraindicated for campbell de morgan spots (cherry angiomas)?

When we have a client with the following condition: campbell de morgan spots (cherry angiomas)

Signs and symptoms for campbell de morgan spots (cherry angiomas)

  • Having a bright “cherry red” growth, mole or papule on your skin
  • Some cherry angiomas are raised while others are flat and blend into the skin more smoothly
  • Cherry angiomas are usually small, sometimes even as tiny as a pinhead
CAMPBELL DE MORGAN SPOTS (CHERRY ANGIOMAS) contraindications In beauty therapy


Otherwise known as cherry angiomas, these are little reddish spots and are very common and are caused by small areas of blood vessel overgrowth. They become more common with increasing age and are often found on the chest and back. It is usual to have several and sometimes many of them. They are not pre-cancerous and are not related to sun exposure.

Is campbell de morgan spots (cherry angiomas) contagious?
No, "campbell de morgan spots (cherry angiomas)" is NOT contagious!

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