Is massage contraindicated for strains?

When we have a client with the following condition:

Do not attempt to massage acute injuries, e.g. bruising, or if you suspect that there may be bruising, unless you are trained to do so. • Massage of mild strains may be beneficial after 48 hours, to improve circulation. If you are uncertain of the appropriateness of massage, consult a sports trainer or physiotherapist • When the injury has healed, massage and stretching are beneficial.

Signs and symptoms for

  • Swelling, bruising or redness
  • Pain in the affected muscle at rest
  • Pain in the muscle or associated joint during use
  • Muscle spasms (when the muscles contract tightly and painfully)
  • Weakness and loss of some, or all, of the function in the affected muscle
STRAINS contraindications In beauty therapy


A strain occurs when muscle fibres stretch or tear. It’s usually the result of the muscle being stretched beyond its limits or forced to contract (shorten) too quickly.

Muscle strains are particularly common in the legs and back, such as hamstring strains and lumbar (lower back) strains.

, "strains" is NOT contagious!

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