Is massage contraindicated for actinic keratosis?

When we have a client with the following condition: actinic keratosis

Signs and symptoms for actinic keratosis

  • Flat or stick out from the skin
  • Red, pink, brown or skin-coloured
  • Rough or scaly (like sandpaper)
  • A few millimetres to a few centimetres across
  • Sore or itchy
ACTINIC KERATOSIS contraindications In beauty therapy


Actinic keratoses, also known as solar keratoses, are rough patches of skin caused by damage from years of sun exposure.

They aren’t usually a serious problem and can go away on their own, but it’s important to get them checked as there’s a chance they might turn into skin cancer at some point.

Common places to get them are the: face, forearms, hands, scalp, ears, lower legs.

Is actinic keratosis contagious?
No, "actinic keratosis" is NOT contagious!

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