Is manicure and pedicure contraindicated for tinea barbae (tinea faciei)?

When we have a client with the following condition: tinea barbae (tinea faciei)

Signs and symptoms for tinea barbae (tinea faciei)

  • Facial ringworm appears as one or more pink-to-red scaly patches ranging in size from 1 to 5 cm
  • The border of the affected skin may be raised and may contain bumps, blisters, or scabs
  • Often, the center of the lesion has normal-appearing skin with a ring-shaped edge, leading to the nickname “ringworm,” even though it is not caused by a worm
TINEA BARBAE (TINEA FACIEI) contraindications In beauty therapy


Tinea barbae is the medical term for a fungal infection of the skin and hair in the bearded area.
This means it affects the bottom part of the face and may extend to the neck.

A fungal infection of the skin on the face is known as tinea faciei and there is some degree of overlap in these medical terms. However, tinea barbae is usually exclusively referring to a fungal infection on the bearded area in males, particularly older adolescents and adult males.

Is tinea barbae (tinea faciei) contagious?
Yes, "tinea barbae (tinea faciei)" is contagious!

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