Is manicure and pedicure contraindicated for melanonychia?

When we have a client with the following condition: melanonychia

Signs and symptoms for melanonychia

  • Pigmentation band on the nail plate, of brown or black color
  • Single or multiple nail presence
  • The longitudinal type starts at the cuticle and ends at the free edge of the nail.

Longitudinal melanonychia can be a sign of melanoma, being accompanied by the following:

  • Change in nail appearance
  • Alteration of nail color
  • Modification of nail pattern
  • Change in size of the pigmentation band
  • Pain – sudden onset
MELANONYCHIA contraindications In beauty therapy


Melanonychia is a medical condition in which the nail plate has a pigmentation band that is either black or brown in color.

There are two main types of melanonychia, meaning longitudinal (this being often times a sign of subungual melanoma) and transverse.

This medical condition appears within other medical conditions that are benign, such as the common mole. The band of pigment appearing on a nail has to be properly investigated, as it might be a sign of melanoma.

It seems that individuals with darker skin and Japanese people present a higher risk, the percentage being reduced in the white population. As for age and gender, there is no particular category affected by melanonychia.

Is melanonychia contagious?
No, "melanonychia" is NOT contagious!

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