Is manicure and pedicure contraindicated for koilonychia (spoon nails)?

When we have a client with the following condition: koilonychia (spoon nails)

Signs and symptoms for koilonychia (spoon nails)

  • Nails are “spoon shaped”
  • Nail plates that are brittle, soft as well as thinning
  • Nails are concave
  • Nails that can be detached
  • Nails that can come totally off
  • Individual shows signs of being malnourished
  • Nails have embossed edges
  • Condition can indicate iron deficiency
  • Associated with Plummer-Vinson syndrome
  • Pain if nail is detached from nail bed or if an infection is active
  • Beneath the nail is discolored by secondary infection
KOILONYCHIA (SPOON NAILS) contraindications In beauty therapy


Koilonychia , also known as spoon nails, is a nail disease that can be a sign of hypochromic anemia, especially iron-deficiency anemia.

It refers to abnormally thin nails (usually of the hand) which have lost their convexity, becoming flat or even concave in shape. In a sense, koilonychia is the opposite of nail clubbing. In early stages nails may be brittle and chip or break easily.

Is koilonychia (spoon nails) contagious?
No, "koilonychia (spoon nails)" is NOT contagious!

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