Is manicure and pedicure contraindicated for ingrown nail (onychocryptosis)?

When we have a client with the following condition: ingrown nail (onychocryptosis)

Signs and symptoms for ingrown nail (onychocryptosis)

  • Symptoms of an ingrown nail include pain along the margins of the nail
  • Worsening of pain when wearing tight footwear and sensitivity to pressure of any kind, even the weight of bedsheets
  • Bumping of an affected toe can produce sharp and even excruciating pain as the tissue is punctured further by the nail
  • Ingrown nails become easily infected unless special care is taken early to treat the condition by keeping the area clean
INGROWN NAIL (ONYCHOCRYPTOSIS) contraindications In beauty therapy


The common opinion is that the nail enters inside the paronychium, but an ingrown toenail can simply be overgrown toe skin.

The condition starts from a microbial inflammation of the paronychium, then a granuloma, which results in a nail buried inside of the granuloma.

While ingrown nails can occur in the nails of both the hands and the feet, they occur most commonly with the toenails.

Is ingrown nail (onychocryptosis) contagious?
No, "ingrown nail (onychocryptosis)" is NOT contagious!

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