Is eyelash extensions and perming contraindicated for hand-foot-mouth disease?

When we have a client with the following condition: hand-foot-mouth disease

Signs and symptoms for hand-foot-mouth disease

  • Fever and a sore throat
  • Painful blisters similar to cold sores
  • This rash may turn into blisters
HAND-FOOT-MOUTH DISEASE contraindications In beauty therapy


Hand, foot and mouth disease is a common infection that causes mouth ulcers and spots on the hands and feet.

It’s most common in young children – particularly those under 10 – but can affect older children and adults as well.

Hand, foot and mouth disease can be unpleasant, but it will usually clear up by itself within 7 to 10 days. You can normally look after yourself or your child at home.

The infection is not related to foot and mouth disease, which affects cattle, sheep and pigs.

The infection can be spread by close person to person contact and contact with contaminated surfaces.

Is hand-foot-mouth disease contagious?
Yes, "hand-foot-mouth disease" is contagious!

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