Is eyelash extensions and perming contraindicated for entropion?

When we have a client with the following condition: entropion

Signs and symptoms for entropion

  • The eyelid (usually the lower lid) folds inward
  • Sore, red and irritated
  • Water excessively
  • Feel very dry and gritty
  • More vulnerable to bacterial infections, such as conjunctivitis
ENTROPION contraindications In beauty therapy


Ectropion is where the lower eyelid droops away from the eye and turns outwards. It’s not usually serious, but can be uncomfortable.

Ectropion mainly affects the lower eyelid and can occur in one or both eyes.
Most cases of ectropion are associated with ageing.

They usually occur as the tissues and muscles of the eyelids become weaker as you get older.

Is entropion contagious?
No, "entropion" is NOT contagious!

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