Is eyelash extensions and perming contraindicated for dermatomyositis?

When we have a client with the following condition: dermatomyositis

Signs and symptoms for dermatomyositis

  • Skin changes. A violet-colored or dusky red rash develops, most commonly on your face and eyelids and on knuckles, elbows, knees, chest and back. The rash, which can be itchy and painful, is often the first sign of dermatomyositis
  • Muscle weakness. Progressive muscle weakness involves the muscles closest to the trunk, such as those in your hips, thighs, shoulders, upper arms and neck. The weakness affects both the left and right sides of your body, and tends to gradually worsen
DERMATOMYOSITIS contraindications In beauty therapy


Dermatomyositis (DM) is a muscle disease that causes inflammation and a skin rash. The cause of dermatomyositis is unknown, but the disease has much in common with autoimmune disorders, in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your body tissues.

Is dermatomyositis contagious?
No, "dermatomyositis" is NOT contagious!

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