Is body wraps and electrical treatments contraindicated for deltoid bursitis?

When we have a client with the following condition: deltoid bursitis

Signs and symptoms for deltoid bursitis

  • There will be pain and weakness in the arm, particularly when it is lifted sideways through a 60 degree arc
  • Pain may also be felt when you press in at the inside front of the upper arm
DELTOID BURSITIS contraindications In beauty therapy


Bursa is a medical term referring to fluid filled sacs most commonly found around different joints of the body. The function of these fluid filled sacs or the bursa is to protect the bones from knocking against each other.

The most likely cause of Deltoid Bursitis is any kind of injury around the shoulder joint. This injury can be in any form like an injury sustained during any sporting activity like football or rugby.

Repetitive stress to the shoulder joints may also result in Deltoid Bursitis as repetitive movements of the shoulder such as when lifting or moving heavy items repetitively can inflame the subdeltoid bursa and can result in Deltoid Bursitis.

Is deltoid bursitis contagious?
No, "deltoid bursitis" is NOT contagious!

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