Is body wraps and electrical treatments contraindicated for athlete’s foot (tinea cruris, tinea pedis)?

When we have a client with the following condition: athlete’s foot (tinea cruris, tinea pedis)

Signs and symptoms for athlete’s foot (tinea cruris, tinea pedis)

  • The edge of the rash appears elevated and is scaly to touch
  • Sometimes the skin surrounding the rash may be dry and flaky
  • Almost invariably, there will be hair loss in areas of the infection
ATHLETE’S FOOT (TINEA CRURIS, TINEA PEDIS) contraindications In beauty therapy


Athlete’s foot is a rash caused by a fungus that usually appears between the toes.

The affected skin may be itchy, red, scaly, dry, cracked or blistered. It’s not usually serious, but should be treated to stop it spreading to other parts of the body or other people.

Treatment usually involves pharmacy-bought creams, sprays or liquids and good foot hygiene.

The medical name for athlete’s foot is tinea pedis.

Athlete’s foot is caused by fungi growing and multiplying on the skin. The fungi that cause the infection thrive in warm, dark and moist places like feet.

Is athlete’s foot (tinea cruris, tinea pedis) contagious?
Yes, "athlete’s foot (tinea cruris, tinea pedis)" is contagious!

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