Common Contraindications for Massage

Indeed, massage is a powerful physiotherapeutic tool. If used correctly, you can work real miracles. But the wrong use of massage techniques can cause a lot of health problems for your patient.

It is important to know the contraindications to massage!

Naturally, patients may remain silent or (often) not know about their illness.

This is why you, as a specialist, need to keep your patient’s trust you from the first seconds and keep your ears open! 

Common Contraindications for Massage 1

Any suspicion of contraindications by the patient must be disproved or confirmed. Do not be afraid to say no to the client! It often happens that by refusing you will save their lives.

Common Contraindications for Massage 2 Contraindications to massage are divided into:

Total contraindications

This means that massages cannot be performed under any circumstances. This will harm the health of the client or you (in case contagious). Even if the client persuades you to take full responsibility, stay on the side of professionalism.

Temporary contraindications

In some situations, the patient does not need to give up the massage completely; it is sufficient to reschedule the session to a more suitable time.

Local contraindications

Pathological changes that occur in certain parts of the patient’s body force the masseur to create an individual treatment plan. To avoid contact with certain areas, the specialist focuses on other parts of the body, often selecting segmental or even point type of muscle stimulation.

Common total contraindications to massage

You will find a full list of all rare and popular contraindications in our contraindications section from A to Z. You can search both alphabetically and by image, using the search for any beauty salon procedure from massage to manicure. 

Common temporary contraindications to massage

Common local contraindications to massage

In the conclusion

Important! Whatever you do, do not compromise on safety and precaution, unless a letter from a doctor has been provided.

We also provided more information about every condition: names, signs, symptoms and a simple description.

I am sure you will find Salon Compass to be a great help and companion to various conditions that may come up during consultation.

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