Bruises after a massage.

Тhe client got bruises after the massage

Massage is a very ancient practice, whose techniques have been developed and improved from generation to generation. One of the most intense types of massage, which we often ask about is sports massage. Using this technique, the massage therapist works on all layers of muscles and connective tissue, joints and tendons to relieve tension. However, despite all the benefits, the massage has a number of side effects. And hematomas or, simply, bruises, among others.

What is a hematoma?

Hematomas, or bruises as we all call them, are accumulations of blood under the skin caused by damage to blood vessels located in this area in the muscle fibres or connective tissue. Since there is no open wound on the skin when there is a bruise, blood is distributed under the skin, which looks like a black, blue or purple spot on its surface. The more extensive the hemorrhage, the larger the size of the bruise.

Pressure during a massage

Hematomas after a massage are caused by the pressure that the massage therapist applies to muscle tissue. In sports massage, the massage therapist uses enough pressure to eliminate all muscle adhesions and areas of tension. It is the intense pressure that can cause bruises.

Of course, it can be uncomfortable for the client at the beginning of the session, but the fact that the massage must necessarily be painful is nothing more than a delusion.  The purpose of massage is to relieve pain, not to cause it.

Bruises after a massage. 1

Bruises after a massage. 2 

Remember that if the client has thin skin and is prone to bruising, hematoma massage is likely to be unavoidable. The same applies to people who have a disease that increases the risk of bruising. Skin and capillaries also age – older people are more likely to get bruised.  Another factor that affects the formation of hematomas is blood disease, which leads to impaired blood clotting, and taking anticoagulants (even the simplest aspirin) or corticosteroids.

Bruises after a massage. 2


Not all types of massage involve such deep pressure. People with sensitive skin or various problems that increase the likelihood of hematoma should look at lighter massage techniques – for example, general classic massage. Pressure in classical massage is much lighter and the masseur’s movements are smoother and longer. 

If the client has bruises after the massage, it is recommended to apply ice or cooling packs to them several times a day for two days. If the bruise is painful, it is possible to use prescription-free gels or ointments with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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