Answers to the most common questions before and after massage.


What emotions does a person experience during a massage?

It all depends on the circumstances. Perhaps your day was full of emotions: happiness, sadness, tension, fatigue. Sometimes, the feeling that you are in a safe environment, the literate touch, the music that brings back memories or the aroma of massage oil can help you get rid of accumulated emotions. 

This can manifest itself in many different ways: someone is crying, someone is laughing, some are shaking like a cold. Your mind can completely disconnect from what is happening and focus on emotions. The massage therapist will simply ask you if everything is good, and, based on your reaction, will continue the session or make some adjustments. For example, the masseur can change the strength or speed of movement, music or suspend the session altogether.

Is it possible to speak during the massage?

Yes, you can, but in order to fully reveal the relaxing potential of the massage, you need to let go of the excitement and concerns. If you are nervous, and talking to a massage therapist helps you calm down and feel at ease, it is absolutely normal – you will be understood. Usually, professional therapists do not start a conversation first and do not tell you about themselves and their problems, but they are ready to answer your questions.

 If you come to the therapist with any injury, during a session, he should always maintain verbal contact with you to know if you are hurt and whether the work is progressing successfully – in such cases, it is better to pay all your attention to the feelings and communicate with the massage therapist as needed, in particular, answering his questions.

What to do if I am shy of my body?

Remember that, massage therapists are professionals who are well aware of all psychological aspects of their work and communication with clients. They will never make judgments about your body, the condition of your skin, hair, scars, any violations, diseases or history of injuries.

Answers to the most common questions before and after massage. 1

Answers to the most common questions before and after massage. 2


Can I go back to work after a massage?

Of course, but plan your schedule so that you have time to adjust between massages and work. Remember that your perception of movement (driving, climbing stairs) and distance can change dramatically after the massage and it takes at least twenty minutes to recover. In addition, remember that a relaxed state after a massage can affect the emotional response to certain events.

Answers to the most common questions before and after massage. 2

Won’t the massage oil stain your clothes and spoil your hair?

Most massage oils will not stain your clothes. If you are worried, take a spare set of comfortable clothes with you. A professional massage therapist can work so that your hair or makeup will not get damaged – rest assured.

Should I leave my tips with the massage therapist?

If we are talking about medical massage, in most cases it is not customary to leave a tip. Most often, the massage therapists leave the decision to the client. The quality of the services provided does not depend on whether you leave a tip or not, nor should you expect the therapist to work with you longer or better if you leave a tip. You can simply thank the masseur and show him/her that you appreciate his work.

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