Aftercare Advice After Microdermabrasion

Aftercare Advice After Microdermabrasion 1

Post-Microdermabrasion Skin Care Tips

Microdermabrasion is not the most invasive cosmetic procedure, but after it, your skin is likely to be sensitive for a while. Take good care of your skin after microdermabrasion and help it recover and look perfect. Avoid things that might irritate your skin, and pay attention to how to soothe the skin.

Minimize skin irritation.

Aftercare Advice After Microdermabrasion 2

Microdermabrasion activates the natural processes taking place in the human dermis, specifically the production of elastin and much-needed collagen for the skin. It is suitable for taking care of the skin of the entire body (both face and body).

In other words, microdermabrasion is a perfect and very effective mechanical peeling procedure for the face, hands, décolleté zone, abdomen, thighs and chest.

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