7 Myths About Massage Therapy

Here are 7 massage therapy myths that we think it's about time to revil.

There are many myths that clients think about massage and its benefits and harm. We will now analyse several of them, the most common ones.

7 Myths About Massage Therapy. 1

1. The massage therapist must be physically strong.

This is not the right judgment.

Тhe massage therapist uses his/her own centre of gravity rather than muscle effort during the massage. 

With knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the masseur understands what a particular technique is being used for, and what pressure strength can be used.

2. Massage must be painful.

Pain – means effective. Another common misconception.

A competent specialist will always find techniques where the client can experience the depth of feeling from skin to bone, but without pain.

The main purpose of the massage is to relax muscles, so the treatment should be pleasant and comfortable. But the pain during a session signals tissue damage, microbursts and bruises.


7 Myths About Massage Therapy. 2 3. Massage can enlarge women’s breasts.

You can’t.

You can tighten and tone up the chest muscles so that the chest is firm. Improve posture, so that the woman does not slouch, so that the breast simply rises higher. Breast enlargement creams, also a lie.

7 Myths About Massage Therapy. 2

4. Massage is pampering, and not a necessary treatmnet.

The benefits of massage have been discussed more than a dozen times. If there are no therapeutic indications, which the massage perfectly fulfills, it is possible and even necessary to perform preventive massage, especially for office workers. Massage is also an excellent tool for fighting fatigue and stress.

5. Only sore spots need to be massaged.

Everything is interconnected in the human body, and often the cause of pain or illness is not where it hurts, but somewhere else.

This is why massage therapists know the physiology and anatomy, and they understand the essence of the processes so that they can choose their treatment tactics wisely.

And it is often necessary to work in completely different areas of the body.

7 Myths About Massage Therapy. 4

6. Classic massage is outdated.

Another misconception. There are many different exotic, ethnic brands on the massage services market now.

I think this is more of a development by marketers to attract customers.

In fact, “classical massage” has synthesized the best of the world’s massage schools, and many domestic and foreign experts have successfully applied it. It is still one of the most effective methods of treatment and prevention.

In most cases, classical massage will be the main basic technique in other massages.

7. Massage can be done by anyone.

Of course it can. Just like singing, drawing, playing football or playing politics. The question is quality of the result.

A masseur is, at a minimum, a profession, and ideally a talent.

It never occurs to anyone to go to an exhibition of paintings by people who can’t draw, or to a concert by a singer who can’t sing. And this is often the case with massages.

Without knowing the anatomy and physiology of the body, massage can be harmful. One of the simplest examples is that only a professional masseur knows that during a massage blood must be driven to the heart, not from the heart.

7 Myths About Massage Therapy. 5

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