7 Common Mistakes Massage Therapists Make

Massage Therapists - Are You Making These Mistakes?

Unexperienced massage therapists often make mistakes. They cause dissatisfaction of the client, and may even make the client feel unwell.

7 Common Mistakes Massage Therapists Make 1

1. Rapidness

Human skin has high thermal insulation characteristics. It takes time to warm up to improve elasticity and muscle access. The most common mistake of those who are just starting a massage is to switch too quickly to power techniques.

The result will be painful sensations, low efficiency of the procedure. The moment when you need to start a deep action, only an experienced master can correctly recognize. Every person is individual, which requires a personal approach. The transition to intensive toning manipulations is made when the skin becomes flexible, more elastic.

2. Lack of anatomical knowledge

Each massage therapist should know the map of blood vessels, nerve nodes, location of internal organs, muscle groups. Therapist must move along the blood and lymph flows to avoid stagnation.

Beginners who have not mastered human anatomy, do not work on all muscle groups, jump from one area to another. That’s why good quality massage courses pay extra attention to the analysis of bone and muscular systems.

7 Common Mistakes Massage Therapists Make 2 3. Oil overuse

Excessive use of oil is a guarantee that the massage will be superficial or significantly reduce the quality of the massage. The massage therapist will have to make an incredible effort to deeply work out the muscles.

7 Common Mistakes Massage Therapists Make 2

4. Incorrect position of the masseur

Incorrect posture setting and pressure sharing will spoil the masseur’s health, and the patient will not get an in-depth treatment. Adjusting the height of the table will help to cope with this problem. It will eliminate the additional load. When applying pressure, you should use your own center of gravity, not muscular effort.

5. Ignoring the individual human characteristics

Beginners massage therapists often use the same sequence, intensity of manipulations for each client, ignoring the pain limit. It is strictly forbidden to exceed this level.

7 Common Mistakes Massage Therapists Make 4

6. Inappropriate attitude

The client comes to the massage, guided by the desire to relax. He/she should not face aggression, unprincipledness, familiarity. The reputation of the master depends on the impressions. The best approach is calm, attentive, friendly communication. Many massage therapists offer their patients a cup of tea before the session, talking to each of them for 10-15 minutes. This helps to establish trusting relationships.

7. Hygiene Ignoring

Gold standard – disposable sheets, quality massage oil, hygiene. A good massage therapist wears a clean robe, washes hands before and after the massage. The therapist’s workplace is tidy. Constant control of these nuances disciplines. Such beauty salons are recommended more often, even if their services cost more.

7 Common Mistakes Massage Therapists Make 5

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