5 Mistakes Beginner Nail Professionals Make

5 Mistakes Beginner Nail Professionals Make 1

1. Too low a price for services.

Of course, it is clear that you are just beginning your journey as a manicurist, and you need something to attract a client base.

But if you put a price that is too low, then after a while, when you are already an experienced master and you understand that you need to move on, you will still raise the prices.

And then you will face difficulties, because your clients are already used to “free of charge”. And then you’ll have to earn clients from scratch with a new price for services. Our advice: start immediately with average prices (do a price analysis of nearby beauty salons).

2. Free services

This is a sin not only for novice masters, but also for experienced ones. Do not do anything for free. The only exception is the procedure that takes up very little of your time.

For example, you took a design course, learned how to make flowers and once offered to make a client a flower for free for introductory purposes. This is acceptable.

If the client takes a large package at once, you can give them a discount. Or if the client makes a new extension, design and manicure, we can make the removal for free – but only because there are many services.

You can often hear from the masters that they do the design for free, because they are happy about it and clients will not pay for it anyway. This is not acceptable!

Your work has to be paid for, doing something for free you will give customers a boost and it will be difficult for you to change something.

5 Mistakes Beginner Nail Professionals Make 2

5 Mistakes Beginner Nail Professionals Make 3 3. Customers are friends.

Another big mistake is too close communication with the customer, which starts to turn into friendship.

It is better not to switch to you, to keep your distance, some kind of barrier. The client may be on you, but it will be easier for you to keep the relationship as a professional – client.

If you communicate too closely, it will be difficult for you to inform the client about price increases. Also, if there is a barrier, the client will be more responsible for your time.

5 Mistakes Beginner Nail Professionals Make 3

4. Do not raise prices.

Everything must be proportional. You see that the prices of materials, rent and utility bills are constantly rising – so why not raise the prices too.

As long as you raise your master’s level: you go to seminars, take training courses, study new designs. When you grow up as a master – so why not raise the price of your services.

5. Advertise against competitors.

Gossiping is one of women’s favourite activities. But it is better not to do it at work. Because it leads to losses. Especially if negative feedback concerns competitors.It may seem to you that with this “information” you will look better. But, unfortunately, this is a classic misconception.

It is much more effective to unobtrusively emphasise your positive aspects in a conversation with a client.

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