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Physicians and pharmacists often advise patients to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight while taking certain medications without telling them why.

Those patients that do not heed this warning may later find a red itchy rash or sunburn in areas left unprotected from sunlight or the light emitted by tanning beds.

Medications that react with the skin in this manner are termed photosensitizers.

Examples include tetracycline and its derivatives, fluorquinolone antibiotics (such as Cipro), sulfa-containing drugs (such as Bactrim) and the cardiac medication amiodarone (which is sold under the brand name Cordarone).

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From hair stylists and nail technicians to massage therapists and aestheticians, salon personnel tend to be young, creative, hard working, stylish and opinionated. While this creates a fantastic and fun salon environment, it can be difficult for a salon manager to handle all the different personalities and all the needs of the salon staff.

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1. A client is running 10 minutes late for a 30 minute appointment. As they walk in the door, there is no eye contact, nor an apology for the late arrival. You are fully booked and stressed, trying not to show your frustration but fuming inside. Rushing to finish the treatment on time, you have to compromise on the quality and the thoroughness of the treatment, but you explain nothing to the client. Most likely the client gets the vibe of not being welcomed or you not wanting to talk to them, and as a result, you never see that client again.

2. One of the regular clients that none of your work colleagues really want to treat, comes in for her treatment with you. She says very little, never smiles and nothing seems to please her, either the bed is too uncomfortable, the room is too cold or she just picks up on the smallest things. However she keeps coming back to the salon on a monthly basis. You wonder why?

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