Is PSEUDOMONAS BACTERIA (GREENIES) a contraindication to For Manicure And Pedicure?

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a rod-shaped bacteria that produces a green pigment, hence the term “greenies.” These bacteria tend to thrive in moist environments and this is why we sometimes see pseudomonas infections associated with artificial nails.

Artificial nails can create gaps in the space between the natural nail plate and the artificial enhancement where moisture can build up and bacteria can flourish.

Natural nails that are separated from the underlying nail bed (onycholysis) can also develop a pseudomonas infection when the bacteria takes residence in the warm, moist space between the natural nail plate and the nail bed.

The infections are hard to treat because the bacteria can resist many types of antibiotics, the medicines normally used to kill bacteria.


, contraindication "PSEUDOMONAS BACTERIA (GREENIES)" is NOT contagious!


  • Pseudomonas is not typically painful
  • Pseudomonas appears as unnatural green or grey stains on or under the nail

When we have a client who has PSEUDOMONAS BACTERIA (GREENIES)

Nail Treatments
The infection is not easily transmitted from person to person in a salon. However, as a precaution, once you use a file on an infected nail, don’t use it on another nail. Wrap it in plastic wrap and toss it in the trash. To help rid the nail plate of the infection, remove the enhancement, lightly buff the stain to open up the nail plate cells, and remove all moisture and some of the surface oils. If the stain is very dark, you might consider leaving product off for a period of time to allow the nail plate to “harden” before applying any more product. Instruct the client to keep the plate clean and dry at all times, and wear gloves when having her hands in water or using household cleaning solutions. It will take several months for the green stain to grow out with the nail. If it spreads out or does not begin to grow out in three to four weeks, urge your client to visit her doctor.

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