Is PLEURISY a contraindication to For Body Wraps And Electrical Treatments, For Facial, For Massage?

Pleurisy is inflammation of the tissue (pleura) between the lungs and ribcage.

In some cases, pleurisy causes a build-up of excess fluid around the lungs called pleural effusion. Most cases of pleurisy are caused by a virus, such as the flu virus.

Treatment for pleurisy usually involves relieving the pain and, in some cases, treating the underlying cause.

The pain may be worse when you cough, sneeze or move around. It may be relieved by taking shallow breaths.


, contraindication "PLEURISY" is NOT contagious!

Signs and symptoms for PLEURISY

  • Chest pain that worsens when you breathe, cough or sneeze
  • Shortness of breath — because you are trying to minimise breathing in and out
  • A cough — only in some cases
  • A fever — only in some cases

When we have a client who has PLEURISY

Caution may be required.
Body Treatments
Caution may be required.
Gentle massage can be beneficial to the upper back and chest areas.

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