Is manicure and pedicure contraindicated for onycholysis (nail separation)?

When we have a client with the following condition: onycholysis (nail separation)

Signs and symptoms for onycholysis (nail separation)

  • Nail plate separates from the nail bed
  • Irregular border between the pink portion of the nail and the white outside edge of the nail when the nail has lifted from the nail bed
  • Larger portion of the nail is opaque, can be whitened or discoloured to yellow or green
ONYCHOLYSIS (NAIL SEPARATION) contraindications In beauty therapy


This is a disorder where the nail separates from the nail bed (usually only part of and not the whole nail). It results from a build-up of debris found in the moist warm space between the digits, which attracts bacteria and fungal organisms, and in severe cases turns the nail plate a dark green or black colour.

The infected nail plate grows faster than those that are uninfected. In feet, onycholysis occurs through wearing a tight-pinching shoe, poor general circulation and lack of attention to foot care.

Is onycholysis (nail separation) contagious?
No, "onycholysis (nail separation)" is NOT contagious!

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