Is manicure and pedicure contraindicated for habit tic?

When we have a client with the following condition: habit tic

Signs and symptoms for habit tic

  • The damage is usually no one or both thumbnails and is most often inflicted by a finger on the same hand
  • There are exceptions and habit tic deformities can occur in other fingernails as well
  • However it isn’t normally seen on toenails as it is not typical for people to have access to their toenails throughout the day
  • Most patients are aware of their repeated picking or stroking, but they are surprised to discover that the habit is related to the deformity
HABIT TIC contraindications In beauty therapy


A habit tic is a condition that often is the result of nervous habits, including picking at, playing with, or stroking the nails constantly.

Thumbnails are often damaged by another nail. You can service a client with a habit tic, being sensitive to the fact that she/he may not be able to easily quit this damaging habit.

Is habit tic contagious?
No, "habit tic" is NOT contagious!

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