Is manicure and pedicure contraindicated for eggshell nails (hapalonychia)?

When we have a client with the following condition: eggshell nails (hapalonychia)

Signs and symptoms for eggshell nails (hapalonychia)

  • These are recognised by the nail plate being noticeably thin, white and much more flexible than in normal nails
  • The nail plate separates from the nail bed and curves at the free edge
  • This disorder may be caused by chronic illness or may be of systemic or nervous origin
EGGSHELL NAILS (HAPALONYCHIA) contraindications In beauty therapy


Hapalonychia, also known as egg-shell nail, is a condition in which the top of a toe or finger nail becomes soft and thin, causing it to bend or break.

This condition can manifest as a result of genetic discrepancy and may also occur due to malnutrition and debility.

Nails are often a representation of the internal nutritional of health. Although overall well-being is not typically determined by nail health, fissures, breaks and calcium spots are minor indications of inner health.

Is eggshell nails (hapalonychia) contagious?
No, "eggshell nails (hapalonychia)" is NOT contagious!

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