Is facial contraindicated for raynaud’s phenomenon?

When we have a client with the following condition:
raynaud’s phenomenon

Treatment is not contraindicated. However, if a client has secondary Raynaud's, the Massage/Beauty therapist needs to be aware of any associated disorders such as lupus, arthritis or scleroderma among others to be able to determine any possible contraindications.

Signs and symptoms for
raynaud’s phenomenon

  • Cold fingers or toes
  • Color changes in your skin in response to cold or stress
  • Numb, prickly feeling or stinging pain upon warming or stress relief
RAYNAUD’S PHENOMENON contraindications In beauty therapy


Raynaud’s phenomenon is a common condition that affects the blood supply to certain parts of the body – usually the fingers and toes.

It’s often referred to as Raynaud’s syndrome, Raynaud’s disease or just Raynaud’s.

Raynaud’s is usually triggered by cold temperatures, anxiety or stress. The condition occurs because your blood vessels go into a temporary spasm, which blocks the flow of blood.

This causes the affected area to change colour to white, then blue, then red, as the bloodflow returns.

There are 2 types of Raynaud’s:

  • Primary – when the condition develops by itself (this is the most common type)
  • Secondary – when it’s caused by another health condition

Most cases of secondary Raynaud’s are associated with conditions that cause the immune system to attack healthy tissue (autoimmune conditions), such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

raynaud’s phenomenon
, "raynaud’s phenomenon" is NOT contagious!

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