Is HERNIATED DISC (SLIPPED DISC) a contraindication to ?

A slipped disc means that one of the discs of cartilage in the spine is damaged and pressing on the nerves. It’s also known as a prolapsed or herniated disc.

The sciatic nerve is often affected in cases of slipped disc. It’s the longest nerve in the body and runs from the back of the pelvis, through the buttocks, and down both legs to the feet.

If pressure is placed on the sciatic nerve (sciatica), it can cause mild to severe pain in the leg, hip or buttocks.


, contraindication "HERNIATED DISC (SLIPPED DISC)" is NOT contagious!

Signs and symptoms for HERNIATED DISC (SLIPPED DISC)

  • A slipped disc can cause back pain and neck pain
  • Other typical symptoms are numbness, a tingling sensation and weakness in other areas of the body
  • The sciatic nerve is often affected in cases of slipped disc

When we have a client who has HERNIATED DISC (SLIPPED DISC)

Treatment is not contra-indicated. (Caution may be required.)
Treatments cannot be performed over contraindicated areas. Client must seek medical advice prior to booking.
Body Treatments
Caution may be required. In acute stages, refer client to osteopath, chiropractor, physio.
In acute stages, refer client to osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist. In non-acute stage, massage may relax associated muscle tensions.

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